Logos Ukraine was founded in 2013 by the group of friends that had attended multiple different international projects. During several years being a part of multicultural environment we imbued the idea of global diversity and international neighbourliness. So as a result of productive work and cooperation non-governmental organisation “Logos” was created in the beginning of 2013. The main goal of the organisation is to  bring the idea of intercultural cooperation to Ukrainian young people providing them with various opportunities to explore the world and broaden their outlook. Three main areas of work of the organisation are: international exchanges,  non-formal education and tolerance popularisation. Since last year we are also focused on the hygiene of information and creation of methods how it could be implemented in daily life. Our team is group or young and active people who want to bring some positive change to local and international society.

During these years members of the organisation participated in various international projects and exchanges. We also organised “Tolerance Camp” in 2013 which gathered representatives of 8 nationalities living in Krym to spread ideas of peace and tolerance. Besides taking active part in projects we coordinated youngsters and youth workers in participation in training courses and multicultural exchanges.

Supporting the idea of Ukraine being a part of the European family we want young people of our country to have a chance to meet other cultures of this family, get familiar with the values and share the experience.

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