Critical Thinking. Information h

Youth Project Poznan, Poland, 19-26 August 2018 About the project We think that some of the biggest threats young people deal with today are the informational protection and informational security.

Critical Thincking Clean Mind

Lviv, Ukraine, 26 May- 3 June 2018 Youth Exchange The main aim of the youth exchange Critical Thinking Clean Mind is to gather young people from 6 countries who will

Who? – If not we are

24 March - 1 April 2018 "Who? - If not we are" is a youth exchange, taking place in Vilagarcía de Arousa, Spain, March 24 - April 1 2018, which

“Let’s Mov(i)e It-My Art

Everyone has their own life, everyone is doing their own things right now. There was something that united us all together. It was a project called “Let's Mov(i)e It-My Art


The “FACILITAID!” is an international training course for youth workers on how to design, facilitate and evaluate meaningful educational activities for young people that took place in Hornsjøen, Norway in

“Coach`Em ­ supporting NEET*

Training Course Couch’EM Neet Youth In November 2016 in Koknese, Latvia there was a training course where trainers trained trainers. The main idea of this project was to work with

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