Who? – If not we are

24 March – 1 April 2018

“Who? – If not we are” is a youth exchange, taking place in Vilagarcía de Arousa, Spain, March 24 – April 1 2018, which would be an establishing point for an international movement with the main idea of developing critical thinking skills, media literacy and fighting back fakes and disinformation.

At this exchange we plan to share all our individual and common thoughts with all participants, and thereby share the initial idea of the movement and give them an opportunity to be part of creating this movement.

For 7 days participants will work on movement’s concept, vision, brand, logo, motto, possible activities at local and international levels, project plans, etc. We also will start creating simple tools which can be spread among partners and which could help to develop critical thinking, media literacy and in general help with dealing with fakes and disinformation.



  • To increase understanding of how media and social networks affect our perception.  To increase media literacy among the participants.
  • To develop skills of critical thinking among participants.
  • To create the concept, vision, brand, logo, motto, and possible activities for the future movement devoted to the critical thinking and media literacy.
  • To find common ground and innovative ideas for future partnership working using the skills and knowledge of people from diverse backgrounds.
  • To develop future projects on the topic.
  • To raise participants awareness and understanding of other cultures and countries.



  1. The organizers will start working with all partners prior to the project, identifying needs and expectations of each participating organization and their participants, and providing them information about the project. All partners and participants will be involved in all stages and the evaluating of the project. In line with the Erasmus + objectives of non formal learning, there will be an ongoing sharing of ideas, experiences, realities, cultures, traditions, language and values which will contribute to a better understanding and tolerance in group.
  2. The project will give participants following skills and knowledge:
  3. To detecting fakes,
  4. disinformation and lies and knowing how to deal with them.
  5. To know how social media affects our lives and what one should do about it.
  6. Learning how media are using and presenting the information.
  7. To understand methods of critical thinking.
  8. Ways of protection from disinformation and fakes.
  9. Knowledge about each others countries, cultures, media, current social, political and economic situation.

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