“Open Your Ears” Georgia, Kobuleti

open your ears

Talented people are everywhere 🙂

Two representatives of our organization “Logos” took part in a musical project “Open Your Ears”. The event took place in Kobuleti, Georgia in October 2013. Ediye Ablayeva shared her experience with us:

“Open Your Ears” was a great experience thanks to representatives from Georgia, Latvia, Ukraine, Poland, Spain and Azerbaijan. Probably it is the longest and the craziest musical project that any of the participants attended to. It all happened in Georgia: we travelled around the country, sang, danced and performed in different cities (for example Batumi). We were tasked with different assignments, for example some of them were to record a legend told by local inhabitants, to take a photo with a newlywed couple and surely these tasks were all timed. Every morning in our camp at Kobuleti started with vocalisms and warm-ups proposed by each of the country representatives.

open your ears

“Open Your Ears”

Sometimes we played not only musical instruments but different games and we had a lot of fun.

Cultural evenings were abundant with songs, national music, games, country food and dances that all lasted up to three in the morning. Though not everyone could endure it, so some fell asleep with the guitar in their hands on the sofa (but let’s keep it between us =).

The last day of the project we spent in Batumi at Shota Rustaveli State Georgian University. It was the day of our final concert that we were preparing for. We sang about 18 songs (three from each country), performed a flash mob and it all was just the beginning, it all continued in one of the best restaurants of the city (according to participants’ version =). The last days we spent together exchanging addresses, writing letters, singing, dancing. The 28th of October came unexpectedly and Georgia was left without us but of course keeping all our memories.

Ediye Ablayeva


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