“Let’s Mov(i)e It-My Art of Communication”

Everyone has their own life, everyone is doing their own things right now. There was something that united us all together. It was a project called “Let’s Mov(i)e It-My Art of Communication” . It was held from the 6th to 13th of May in 2017 in Latvia, in 100 km from Riga in the quiet town of Koknese. The main idea of the project was to gather in one place people who are interested in filmmaking and would like to learn this. The organizers have gathered together 24 representatives from eight countries – Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Armenia and Georgia. And showed that despite the fact that we are all very different, with our own culture, ourown traditions, we all can, and, most importantly, want to work together, want to learn something new, to open every country all over again for ourselves. It all starts with people, people make history. These people have created a story that I will definitely never forget. During the whole project was a homely atmosphere, and due to the fact that it was non-formal training, learning was incredibly easy and all the information was easily absorbed. Every morning began with a delicious breakfast which was prepared by our favorite chef Philip. The man that all his time spent in the kitchen, putting his love into the preparation of delicious food for us. Each day ended with a discussion of what we liked and what we would like to change. And the organizers listened and operated all of our wishes. Well, the day was filled with interesting meetings and trainings, where every time we learned something new. There was a meeting with screenwriters, with film-editor, even we had a Skype conference with one of the workers of Studio “Soyuzmultfilm”. At the first day was the evening, where all representatives of each countries told about themselves, about its features. It was especially interesting for me to try something new from the culinary field. Also we had a trip to the capital of Latvia, when we walked through the streets of Riga and learned interesting stories about the city. And after we came back tired, we had the evening of national Latvian cuisine. It was very unexpected and equally tasty. So than we all broke off into the groups to make a total film \ video. I’m grateful that I found this people and that I came to this team. I felt myself like in a family, like we had known each other for a long time. The process was very funny and exciting. And the installation process was very-very-very long and everybody wanted to sleep. But everything has an ending, and this project also ended. It was sad to realize that we need to go back. I hope one day we will meet. But I’m really happy that we met. On the last day we were given a choice of many cards with different pictures. I’ve chosen a picture of a compass. The compass was like a destiny for me. And at one day the arrows of the compass of each of us showed into Riga, and brought us all together, such different, but such vivid and unique. The compass never lies. And I hope that one day the arrow of the compass will again point to the correct place where again there will be the right people.

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