Erasmus + Youth Exchange “We are citizens of Music ‘’

11291924_10153350094603910_1627544628_n The project “We’re the citizens of MUSIC” consisted of 9 days. Youth Exchange
took place in Aukštadvaris and Vilnius (Lithuania) between 10/05/2015-18/05/2015. It involved 36 participants from
Armenia, Estonia, Georgia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Italy.

The aim of the project was to develop the competences of the musicians to work with the topic of active citizenship
through music and stimulate the active participation of young musicians to perform, listen and create music.

Ukraine’s team was presented by Yana Reznichenko, Esken Isliamov, Phil Viernier, Kateryna Lysenko, Alex Bondarenko and
Nina Stanislavska.

11257709_10153350094613910_1242996055_n During the project all the participants had an everyday involvement in diverse

–       Jam sessions when musicians could play together, share different type of music and organize new music formations
in order to prepare the Street Music Day Performance on the 16th of May in Vilnius;

–       Workshops on how to change the music that disturbs into the one you like;

–       Discussions about the importance of music in whole and of music in our cities lives, about pros and cons of
street music and attitude to it;

–       Workshop on how to make and construct your own musical instrument which was used on 16th of May at
Drum2gather event;

–       Intercultural evenings when the participants shared the culture of their countries, its cuisine, traditions and of course music.
On the 16th of May “We’re the citizens of MUSIC” performed on the big stage to citizens of Vilnius and made our impact
to the Street Music Day. There was so many people listening to our musicians. And the most touching thing was that one
Ukrainian woman came to our group after performance and said that we had touched her soul and she was really happy about

Also it should be mentioned that our Ukrainian team was invited to participate in the morning TV program. You can see
the result of it right here: click

The project ended but it made a great influence on the musicians, our experiences and attitude towards music in our

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