Critical Thinking. Information hygiene.

Youth Project

Poznan, Poland, 19-26 August 2018

About the project

We think that some of the biggest threats young people deal with today are the informational protection and informational security. Everyday we consume tons of different information and through this information one can manipulate our opinions, ideas and ideology. We deal with fakes, disinformation and biased opinions. This leads to discrimination, racism, and confrontations. This project is about creating an Informational protection movement which would set the main goal to deal with disinformation and fakes and promote critical thinking.

For now we see main directions of the movement. We want to gather young people and youth workers together to work on creating this movement. The idea of the project appeared in the early 2017. We decided to start an international movement with the main idea of developing critical thinking skills, media literacy and fighting back fakes and disinformation. We had in mind other movement we saw before on other projects, like “No hate” movement, which is run by several organizations in Europe and Caucasus.

Our intention is not only to make one project, but create a whole set of activities, which can be implemented in order to solve this problem.

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