“Coach`Em ­ supporting NEET* young people through Coaching”​.

Training Course Couch’EM Neet Youth

In November 2016 in Koknese, Latvia there was a training course where trainers trained trainers. The main idea of this project was to work with those who see themselves as a coach, teach them how to be supportive and useful for the people who need help using coaching technics.

Being young and ambitious all of us usually face a dilemma how to get what we want from this life. Usually we are trying to solve this problem by ourselves or three a dialogue with someone who went through such situations before. But sometimes some of us feel the will to help others to cope with this struggle, to be a support for young people, who are in need: in need of education, employment and training. But to be able to guide and coach others, give an advice and propose various options for personal and professional development, we have to obtain a certain level of educational techniques. Some of them can be learned through a method of coaching – a way of improving people’s skills and abilities, which leads to the increase in general performance. And that is exactly what we’ve learned in Latvia.

Coaching itself is built on a dialogue between a coach and person who is being asked various questions, named a coachee. The aim of a conversation is to help a coachee to reach the answers which he or she is searching for. Moreover, a person being coached, should come to a particular conclusion about the next step to influence and solve the problem. In other words, right question allows a solution to come naturally, involving person’s way of thinking and self-analysis of the problem.

However, the role of coach is highly important, because it is a person who manages and drives a coaching session. Our training course was mostly focused on the improving of qualifications, skills and personal characteristics a good coach has. Also, it was highly important to learn the right way of asking questions. A desired result may only be reached if the coach knows how to ask the right question, using appropriate voice tone, style of conversation and has high level of empathy.

Working in groups and in pairs, we practiced building a direct contact between a coach and a coachee as well. This is believed to be an essential part of working with NEET youth, regardless the tools and techniques we choose to operate. Each of us, people from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Armenia and Moldova, who are involved in working with young people searching for a job or education, had a chance to try both coach and coachee roles. Each of us has come up with a solution of a problem we couldn’t cope with by our own. Additionally, each of us practiced the skills of building proper questions, trying to preserve patience and neutrality. What is more, our training sessions took place in a cozy rancho in the middle of Latvian nature. We had lots of personal space for coaching sessions, dogs and sport for entertainment and amazing people for inspiration.

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