Poland Test

Logos is international now! After several years working on different social projects as a Ukrainian organisation, both taking part and organising multicultural events, we decided to grow up into international NGO and open organization “Logos Polska” in Poland.

. We started as a small enthusiastic group in 2015 that was bringing the values of organization to polish youngsters. Focusing on intercultural exchange, the power of benefits of cultural diversity and hygiene of information our members coordinated participants to several multinational projects in Georgia, Armenia, Estonia, Germany and other countries. During this year we met a lot of young people who share the values of our organization and are concerned to make this world a better place to live. Some of them showed a strong interest in working with us and making positive impact to the society today tho see the changes in tomorrow’s world. So our enthusiastic group became bigger and we felt strong enough to make a next step and now we are proud to inform you that starting from July 2016 we are working as a Logos International with a headquarter in Poland, Poznan.

This is only beginning of our way but we’re very positive about changes we can make! There are so many countries in the world and each has its own culture and experience that is so important to be shared for the sake of better multicultural understanding and cooperation. Due to our goals we are planing to do the best we can to deliver our vision of advantages of the international communication via organising projects (you can learn more about our upcoming projects here) and coordinating our participants to take part in other projects that are held by our partners.

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