Non-governmental international organization “LOGOS” works in Ukraine since 2013 and since 2016 in Poland. We are non-political and non-commercial organization

  • Emir S., CEO LOGOS Ukraine

    I founded Logos in Ukraine in 2013 after participating in several Erasmus+ projects. I used to work in NGO sector since 2005 and in trainings since 2009. Currently work as a business-trainer and head of Logos in Ukraine. Love to travel and gain new knowledge and friends. Emir

  • Anna S., SMM NGO LOGOS

    I work in a corporation, but feel a strong need to make something significant. Since 2015 Logos gave me such an opportunity and now I'm responsible for all the official information about this organisation. I have a passion. My passion is travelling. Anna

  • Marko B., CEO LOGOS Poland

    I have been working with young people in different fields since 2008. I’m strongly believe in people and the equality. I like what I do. I feel responsibility for the future of the World. I’m trying to distribute and implement my values to the society through the “LOGOS”. Marko

  • Anna G., VCEO LOGOS Poland

    I'm just Anna. Gandhi had this call "Be the change that you wish to see in the world "This is my identity. I believe in people and changes."

  • Joanna N, Trainer LOGOS Poland

    I'm a facilitator in Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg, student at Warsaw University. Also I like traveling, hiking, learn foreign languages and short animation movies. I'm interested in intercultural dialogue, oral history, post-soviet area studies, critical thinking and traveling. I can be characterise by the smile and laugh. Joanna
  • Yulia L., Designer NGO LOGOS

    I`m 21 years old Sociology student, who believe in solidarity society and hugs. Through my cooperation with Logos I hope to realize my energy and strong disire to make this world a little bit better. I can not stand still for a long time, therefore I exist in two states: traveling or folk dancing. Yulia

  • Ani P., CEO LOGOS Armenia

    I believe young people are responsible for peace and development. So my dream is to empower as many young people as possible to be creative and critical thinking change-makers. I am adventurous traveler and chronic dreamer, the one who is always marchin on. Ani

  • Elka V., CEO LOGOS Netherlands

    It is amazing to work with young people, because we are full of energy. We should never stop learning and as I always say: 'Think big, but start small'. "Just do it!" - Nike.  Elka


Through our activities, we are trying provide youngsters with the opportunities for learning and self development. We want to make an impact to the society we live in showing people how great and diverse this World is.



For us this term includes the equal treatment of all who are around us, regardless of nationality, r

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Learning and developing

Constant learning is an engine of progress. We have a great desire to learn and develop people aroun

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Pleasure of working

We enjoy what we do. We create positive atmosphere around us, which influences our life and work. We

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Developing society

We feel ourselves as a part of the society we live in. It is of great importance for us to change an

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We do this through the implementation of local projects, international exchanges, training courses, conferences, seminars and coaching. Through our history we participated in more than 20 international and local projects, involving and developing young people.

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