NGO “Logos”, which brings together proactive youngsters from different countries, aims to empower young people by providing various opportunities to learn and grow. Recently Logos came up with a new initiative to organize Human Rights campaign-movement called “Human Rights Spread Action.” The aim of this movement is to organize promotion activities and make sure that the young people understand the necessity and importance of respecting human rights and the idea of respecting human rights is spread among the youth coming from different cultures and backgrounds. So the main action would be to raise awareness of young people about their rights and ensure inclusiveness of the movement. Promotion activities of the movement would widely be carried out through various means such as projects, workshops, flash mobs, social media campaigns, etc.
The first initiative that is already in preparation phrase is project called “Human Rights Quest Room” which is exceptionally new concept aimed to combine learning and practical experience for the better understanding of the concept of human rights. The purpose is to enable young people with different perspectives to deepen their knowledge of the importance and necessity of respecting Human Rights by challenging their perceptions. It also aims to acquire a richer awareness of human rights through practical experience.
One of another initiative in cooperation with NGO Youth for Diplomatic Engagement (Georgia) and “” is a “Trainings on promoting Human rights values based on using of soft skills for political party members of Georgia”. It is a unique series of training courses that includes not only a basic knowledge of human rights, but also “Soft skills ” knowledge’s. “Soft skills” means a necessary competence which should possess every person who is sharing the values of human rights and who is working on in the political party. Namely, non-standard skills, such as:
• Negotiation skills – “model of thinking”, which does not allow to violate the interests of other persons, based on cooperation.
• Feedback giving skills – the skills of right presenting observations, comments and additions.
• “Out of the box” conception – the practical skills that help to think differently, unconventionally, or from a new perspective. This phrase often refers to novel or creative thinking.
• Goal setting skills – basic skills of setting goals that can successfully perform tasks.
From our point of view, all these skills are needed for the successful development of a course on Human Rights for Party members for future sharing for the human rights ideas.
The Human rights spread action movement will also include the promotion of human rights by non-formal education, art, sport, music, thematic performances in theaters, games, etc. making sure to have as many young people involved as possible. We believe that knowledge is a power and if young people are aware of their rights and have the understanding of its importance, they will be more proactive citizens contributing in democratic and more peaceful future of their communities. As many young people have no knowledge about their rights, simply because sometimes States are not interested in having human right education as a part of formal education, we do believe that this movement will reach many young people and by interactive ways provide the necessary knowledge to them.
The word “Logos” means ground of nous. We do believe that by this movement we are creating the necessary ground for more protected human rights, as only when young people know their rights they can advocate for them and make sure that their rights are respected accordingly.

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