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The Netherlands

We are getting bigger and bigger! More and more people share our values and want to work as a huge loving international family. We’re happy to inform you that our friends from the Netherlands joined LOGOS this year! Super interesting people gathered together being led by the idea better tomorrow and established LOGOS The Netherlands in January 2017. These guys participated and organised various projects of the Erasmus + program and also local community events and they are going to implement all the priceless experience working as a LOGOS branch. We are sure that the cultural exchange and international dialogues creates a platform to work together on worldwide issues of human kind potential. So to share the utmost importance of human rights awareness to promote individual empowerment we are going to create projects using non-formal education tools and technics. That is why one of the aims of LOGOS The Netherlands is to spread the practical knowledge and usage of human rights, tolerance and intercultural dialogue. In order to fulfil this goal, we are eager to provide opportunities for young people to learn, get experience and to see the World, how beautiful and diverse it is. We believe it will help to understand how important to live in peace and respect other cultures and traditions.


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