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Information hygiene

Informational Hygiene – those who control the information, control the world. It is time for each of us to control information we receive.
Our main course for the nearest future is promoting Informational Hygiene. People have been concerned about their bodies’ hygiene since long ago, and then issue of the environment’s hygiene became more and more important.
Currently, the issue of the day, to our opinion, is Informational Hygiene. We understood this after we found ourselves in the middle of informational war which takes place all around the globe. In recent years our country had to deal with such challenges as misinformation, fakes and lies which come from social and media agents in Ukraine, Europe and world in general.
Witnessing recent events ourselves gave us understanding that people can be manipulated and controlled by media, social networks and informational viruses. Any event could be presented in various ways. And all those ways influenced people’s understanding of the topic and their attitude towards it.
Years passed since then, emotions gave place to logic and curiosity. Why people do believe the information they heard from TV, what is the mechanism that can protect you from mass-media negative influence, how to separate information you need from the one that others want you to believe in. We want to work on this issue. We found a lot of answers and even more we have yet to come.
We plan to make international and local events to provide youngsters with tools and knowledge on how to keep their Informational Hygiene. Our intention is to support our society to be more prepared for informational challenges and attacks that are yet to come.
We believe if people understand that Informational Hygiene is as much important as the hygiene of theirs bodies there would be less aggression and misunderstanding in the world. “We are what we watch” – this is today’s definition of the power of information. And we have a right to choose the food we’re going to treat our brain with.

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