• Ukraine, Poland
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We are getting bigger! Our friends from Armenia who share our values decided to join us on our interesting and challenging path making positive changes. Logos Armenia is a newly founded NGO initiated by young people who have years of experience as project managers, facilitators and trainers in different spheres. The main goal of the NGO is to develop competences of armenian young people by providing opportunities to participate in international exchange programs, trainings, seminars both local and those that take place abroad.

Having a lot of experience and willing to share it with others our Friends are focused on organising projects and creating workshops for youngsters on different topics such as intercultural dialogue, community development, peace building-conflict transformation, human rights and democracy promotion. Having as a main goal to widen the knowledge of human rights  and the importance of intercultural and inter-religious dialogue Logos Armenia in a cooperation with other Logos branches promotes tolerance, democracy and the necessity of respectful attitude to every human being despite of skin colour, confession, gender etc.

We are young, well educated and enthusiastic group of people from all over the world that will make a positive impact in our mutual tomorrow!



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